51132-DD772501AS Lit Loc Brochure Holder A5

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51132-DD772501AS Lit Loc Brochure Holder A5 Lit Loc ACRYLIC ORGANIZERS

  • Product Code                     : DD 772501AS
  • Material                              : PS (Polystyrene)
  • Description                         : Lit-Loc Brochure Holder A5
  • Product Size                       : 160(L) X 30(W) X 200(H)mm
  • Carton Box Size                 : 485(L) X 355(W) X 455(H)mm
  • Packing                              : 52pcs/ctn
  • Unit Weight                        : 135g
  • Carton Weight                    : 70.9kg
  • Carbon Box Measurement : 0.0783M³
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